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Photo Gallery

Donald Heck with his Rio Grande Turkey Gobbler

Rob Plotz with his first deer - 193 lb Axis buck

Joseph Phillips with his trophy 8 point whitetail

Junior member Bailie Pittman takes her 1st buck

Stanley Shephard Pulls the trigger on A 30" Axis

Louisiana member Mike Milanowski takes home his Texas 8 pt.

8 point Sika buck taken by Donald Heck.

Donald Heck takes his whitetail cross-bow style

Bud Strauss and his 8 point Hill Country Buck

Danny Little and his Big Corsican Ram

Glenn Hudson opens the season with his 150 class 10 point

Pistol Hunter Bud and his summer Blackbuck Antelope

Bobby Celis takes a 30" Axis on the river bottom

Scott Harrison and his Sika Buck trophy

Long-time member, Dr. Scott Harrison, with 19" blackbuck!

Brandon Beauchamp masters a beautiful Axis measuring 32" high and 29"wide

Trophy blackbuck 23 ¾"

480 lb russian boar taken on a night hunt

First whitetail taken by one of our junior hunters

Russian boars taking advantage of the corn

Trophy Aoudad

Club member with his spring turkey

New member, 1st hunt, James Jungmann takes a nice 9 pt.

Cole Preston Trophy Mouflon

Another trophy Axis

Miguel Vega & son with an axis that measures 29 ¾" & 33 ¼"

This one may be #3 in Texas

Happy hunter takes a nice axis buck

Successful blackbuck antelope hunt

Trophy blackbuck

Our 160 Class Whitetail

Carson makes a fine shot at his Aoudad Ram

Axis buck 36 ¾"

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